Floressence Perfumehas earned a well-deserved status as the region’s premier fragrance contract maker. Floressence Perfume understands the demands and expectations of our customers in the Middle East region and consistently offers cost-effective, personalized solutions.

The manufacturing plant at India (Pune) employs the most cutting-edge processes to guarantee that high-quality standards are maintained. The manufacturing facility can produce over 125 million pieces per year in the beauty and personal care market, including fragrances, deodorants, aerosols, and cosmetics items.



Floressence can offer contract manufacturing services from design ideas to reality for all beauty and personal care products thanks to unrivaled industry expertise and a well-developed infrastructure. From idea to reality, we provide a complete product design and development solution.

Looking To Create Your Own Custom Perfume Private Label Fragrance?

Do you want to make your unique perfume or a deodorant under your label? Floressence Perfumes is the industry leader in bespoke fragrance development and production. Floressence Perfumes is the ideal partner for you whether you’re searching for a manufacturing partner for a current fragrance or beginning from scratch.

Floressence Perfumes excels in transforming your vision into a beautiful aroma for home and personal care goods, environmental applications, institutional products, air fresheners, aromatherapy products, and more!


Floressence Perfumes also provides various services to ensure that your fragrance or fragrant product is the best overall.

Concepts for fragrances based on market trends

Replenishment of today’s market-leading goods

Market Research and Trend Forecasting

Sourcing, Manufacturing and Packaging

Manufacturing of cleaning products for the home

Solutions with a Fully
Customized Private Label

You receive considerably more than an off-the-shelf scent when working with Floressence Perfumes. You have absolute authority over the design process, guaranteeing that the finished outcome is unique to you.

Formulation of

Choose from various pre-formulated perfumes or come up with something entirely new. Whether you choose to put your spin on an established scent or create something altogether new, our master perfumer can produce any fragrance you specify.


Throughout the process, we supply you with samples and alter the recipe depending on your comments until the fragrance is ideal.

If our current inventory of alternatives doesn’t meet your vision, we can custom manufacture products to your requirements, just as we do with fragrance formulation.

Finally, we add your name, logo, and other information you want to incorporate into your finished product. The ultimate result is a custom-made and packaged fragrance unique to you.


Floressence Perfumes is intended to guarantee that you will be satisfied with the process and the final product as a top private label fragrance manufacturer.

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